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Swim for Fish Charity Swim

A group of swimmers will take on the English Channel in support of Sarah Raven who has an extremely rare form of cancer called GNET. Former Bedford High School pupil Sarah, nee Fisher, was first diagnosed with cancer when she was just 25. She is undergoing chemotherapy as doctors pool what little information there is about GNETs from around the world.

Only around 60 people in the world have ever been diagnosed with this rare illness so information and research is scarce. Unfortunately because it's not a profitable illness for big pharmaceutical companies, they won't carry out the required investigation to find a cure which is why we're going to try to raise as much money as possible.

To raise money and awareness of the condition, husband Jonathan Raven, sister Laura Fisher and four of their friends are preparing to swim about 5.5km each of the 32km from Dover to France. They will set off between August 23rd to 30th, depending on the weather.

The group is splitting any money raised between Cancer Research, which will direct it to studies into rare sarcomas, and Bedfordshire charity Above and Beyond Cancer, which supports people with cancer.                                 

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