Zaib Makes School History


Saif Zaib, from RGS Wycombe and High Wycombe CC, made RGS history again as he made the highest score ever by an RGS Wycombe schoolboy.

In year 8 he made history as the youngest ever to play for the first XI and year 9 he was the youngest ever to score a fifty for the school. Saif followed this by becoming the youngest ever RGS centurion against Haberdashers School.

The previous highest ever total recorded for the school was 185 by David Heavyside of Beaconsfield CC, but on Tuesday, Saif smashed the record in a 50 over game vs RGS Newcastle scoring 230 runs in another team record total 411 off 50 overs.

He also bowled 10 overs, 1 for 31 in the game, adding to his 1 for 30 the day before. RGS are currently playing an RGS festival in Newcastle and Saif also scored 54 in 15 overs on the first day in another win, this time against RGS Worcester.

Zaib Makes School History