Wedding Packages from £1995? surely not...

The County Ground Events Venue are pleased to announce the release of two new wedding packages starting from only £1995.

Don’t be alarmed, your eyes are not deceiving you, the two different packages are priced as entry level wedding packages tailored to suit the room sizes of the Thompson suite from £1995 and the Turner Suite from £3995.

With the, unlucky for some, number 13 in the year the events teams realise some superstition may prevent brides booking their weddings in 2013, but with these budget busting packages, superstition or not getting hitched at the County Ground Events Venue won't ever look such good value.

To book yours, your daughters or even your granddaughters Wedding, or for more information about the new packages, please call the events team on 01604 514450 or email

Wedding Packages from £1995? surely not...