Northants Cricket Direct Debit Update


We would like to remind all members who pay via direct debit that 2014 prices are now in effect, with the next payment being taken on Wednesday 15th January. So please ensure you are aware of the new price for your membership package.

As we made all members aware last year, correspondence is now being made via email and not post, this allows us to not only save money but to be environmentally friendly as well.

If you would like to change your membership type or cancel your direct debit membership, please contact us in writing as soon as possible, preferably via email to, so we can therefore make the alterations quicker.

Having a direct debit membership entitles you to £10 discount, even at the early bird price, which ends after 31st January. If you would like to sign up for a direct debit membership, please complete and return the form available via

For more information please contact reception via email or call 01604 514455.

Northants Cricket Direct Debit Update